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Minimum Wage In California Now $10 back to articles
Posted: Dec. 31st, 1969
California's Minimum Wage

"For millions of California's hard working minimum wage employees, a few extra dollars a week can make a huge difference to help them provide for their families," Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg said in a statement earlier this month.

More than 90% of minimum-wage workers in the state are over the age of 20, while nearly 2.4 million of the state's children live in a household with a parent who earns minimum wage, according to the statement. The pay bump would boost a full-time worker's income by about $4,000 to around $20,000 a year. "

California jumps to the top with the highest minimum wage of any state. The new minimum wage is a staggering $10 an hour, which may seem a lot, but in California 90% of the minimum wage workers are over the age of 20 and the state is home to 2.4 million children who have a minimum wage parent. This raise is going to bring about an additional $4,000 to full time workers who really needed the boost.

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