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Turn Key Marketing For Your Business

The Internet has grown and is now a dominant medium for advertising, taking a large share of the advertising budgets from traditional media, including TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, yellow pages, etc.. The popularity of the Internet tools and the relative lower costto put up ads on the web overwhelm the consumer's ability to absorb. Nowadays you can't surf the Web without having the pop-up blocker active in your browser or use eMail without some forms of SPAM blocker working its magic on the background.

As a consumer each of us is exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages daily. That wave after wave of non-stop advertising, craving for our attention over various media throughout the day, makes it very challenging for any marketer to pitch their offerings. Moreover, individually we have developed our own ways of filtering all the ads that are throwing at us and completely ignore those ads that are irrelevant So how do you get your marketing messages to your targeted prospects? |

| Including the Internet, all of the traditional and new advertising media are intended for the masses, presenting or broadcasting the same images and the same marketing messages to all. eMail and the traditional Direct Mail are the only 2 media that allow marketers to target and make connection with the prospects or clients on an individual or 1-on-1 basis. Unlike eMail messages which likely are automatically filtered by a SPAM blocker, a direct mail piece when properly done has a much higher chance to be seen and read by your targeted prospects. Moreover, direct mail offers a very unique way to reach only those you want. A direct mail piece in paper form is also flexible and convenient to consume without requiring a PC or a Blackberry. Even in this day and age, that's exceptionally powerful!

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