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Internet Marketing Keys to Success back to articles

Internet Marketing Keys to Success

Keys To Success Online

The Most Important Key To Being A Successful Internet Marketer

keys1There are many factors that contribute to a successful internet marketer.  Most people define being a successful internet marketer as making internet marketing their full time job where they are working from the comfort of their own home and making plenty of money to support themselves and their family or other loved ones.

The most important part of being a successful internet marketer is the beginning stages; sticking with it and working hard when you are not seeing any return for the time you are putting in.  This is what most people have the most trouble with.  They get tired of ?working for free?, not knowing how close they are to having all of their work being paid off.

I totally understand why people do get tired of working and making no money, especially with the messed up economy today?I went through it myself.  If you really want this though, you need to keep working hard through the rough times even though you are not seeing any income for the work you are putting in.  Once you do start seeing income from the work you are putting in, everything will fall into place for you.

There is no better feeling than that first income you make online, no matter how big or small it may be.  Some people start with an adsense click for as little as $0.05, and same people start with affiliate sales for around $50.  Either way, people seem to really get that super motivation after they receive their first income online!

10 Keys To Being A Successful Internet Marketer

keys3As I have mentioned before, there are tons of other keys to being a successful internet marketer.  None are more important than working through the beginning stages where you are not making no money at first, but each and everyone of them have their own importance.  These things combined will give you a much higher chance of being successful online, and reaching your financial dreams.

The following is a list of 10 things that are keys to being a successful internet marketer:

1. Working through the beginning stages where you are making no money. Again, this is the most important in my book.  If you can get passed this part, you have what it takes to be very successful online.

2. Staying motivated. Staying motivated is part of getting through the beginning stages, but you must keep your eyes on the prize.  Put a picture of your dream house or car in front of your computer, this always helped me stay motivated.

3. Stay dedicated. Staying dedicated is another part of getting through the beginning stages, and very similar to staying motivated.  Staying dedicated means that you keep up a consist amount of time that you put into this business.  Don?t let yourself fall off.

4. Going to the proper place to learn. You must follow a good lead, and there are many programs out there that are horrible quality, and will do nothing but discourage you as their material is not of good enough value to properly teach you.  If you are taught wrong, you will learn wrong.  I really recommend going with one of the programs I have in my wealth programs section, preferably Wealthy Affiliate.  If not Wealthy Affiliate, then Profit Lance is also a great choice.  If you are really, really low on cash, Rich Jerk is good also, but has no where near the information as the other two.  With these 3, the saying ?You get what you pay for? is definitely true!  If you join another program other than the ones I recommended, I can?t guarantee you that they are a good place to learn the internet marketing business.

5. Getting involved in forums. Forums are a great place to get information on specific topics.  Even more importantly, you can ask questions when you don?t know the answer to something.  I recommend getting involved in at least 3 forums.  Eventually establish yourself as a trusted member who helps people out, and the forums will be a very nice source of income for you in the future.  You can check out my forums and forum marketing section for a list of good forums, both free and paid.

6. Making friends that are in the business. You can usually find all kinds of internet marketing buddies in the forums.  Friends are important because they can help you out with the learning process, let you in on new methods, and it gives you more possibilities for JV?s in the future.  Pretty much all of the big internet marketers JV, which is basically working together to make money.

7. Do NOT buy all of the latest big launch money making products from the ?gurus?. Tons of beginners make this mistake.  They will buy all the latest products that come out, which is usually like 1 big product every week.  The product guarantees that it?s the biggest secret ever in internet marketing - and you will make a killing with it.  It is really often just a rehashed method of making money.  Don?t buy into this crap, you will do nothing but waste your money.  A lot of the big internet marketers JV together, and all promote each others products, making a killing from beginner internet marketers who think they are getting some super secret money making method.

8. Stick to mainly one project or method at a time. This is another thing that tons of internet marketers, not just beginners, make mistakes doing.  They get an idea then work hard on that idea for a couple weeks.  They then get another idea and work hard on that idea for a couple weeks, essentially dropping the old plan.  Then this process keeps repeating.  Sit down and think about what you really want to do and stick to that for the most part.  You can have more than one project going on at a time, but stick with the projects you are doing?don?t keep jumping around from new idea to new idea.  You will do nothing but waste time and potential!

9. Rushing into a site or idea. Rushing into a site or idea will do nothing but set you back or totally ruin the whole plan.  If you rush you do not do things right, and the site will not be as successful.  Once you see that it is not a success, it may make you think that your idea what not as good as you thought, and you decide to move on.  When really, you just rushed, and didn?t properly design, test, and make the pright choices.

10. Doing what everyone else tells you to do. So many people make this mistake.  They see someone or a group of people doing something, so they want to go do that.  They see that people are making sites on dog training, so they go and do the same.  A lot of internet marketers lie about their income, and act like they know more than they actually know.  Be confident in yourself and your ideas, and don?t let what other people get in the way of your ideas and goals.  This doesn?t mean you shouldn?t listen to other people.  Just don?t do something because everyone else is doing it, or because someone else tells you that you should do it.

If you abide by these 10 rules, especially the first 7, you will have a very good chance at making a lot of money as an internet marketer.  I have explained time and time again how rewarding this business is, and I can only hope that you get to experience just how awesome the rewards are!

What Made Me A Successful Internet Marketer

keys4If you have read through my site, and the other parts of the learning center, for the most part you know all about what made me a successful internet marketer.  But I will give another explanation of what made me so successful for all of those that may have missed this information.

Before I started online, I lost about $10,000 gambling with online poker one night.  I told myself that I have to find a way to get this money back, so the next day I looked online at places that would teach me how to make money.  I eventually joined the Rich Jerk and Wealthy Affiliate, and started my journey.

I got involved in the forums, always asking questions when I needed help.  I eventually established myself as a smart guy who had began making money online very quickly and was always helping people out (I?m actually not that smart to tell you the truth, but that will stay between us).

I made my first income somewhere around 3 months of being online.  Between 3 months and 6 months, I am not totally sure.

I started my career by making money on social networks such as MySpace.  I taught other people how to do the same, and even created my first product on it that ended up doing around $20,000 (including the $10,000 sale of the site).  I had made my first $20,000 online!

money2Next I launched another product and taught people how to market it on social networks.  The best month that product did was about $40,000 in one month, and on top of that I had made $15,000 myself marketing other stuff?I had now had in my possession WAY more money than I had ever seen before.  I was hooked?this was going to be what I did for the rest of my life.

So what got me here?  I wanted it so bad!  SO BAD! When I came online to start making money, I promised myself that I would not give up until I made this workI made goals, and I stuck by them.  I had attempted to succeed at this before, but failed because I had bought crappy products that sucked at teaching the business.  So this time I just promised myself it would not be like the other times, and I would not give up until I made it.

You all have an advantage over me.  First, I am showing you the exact programs (located in the wealth programs section) that properly taught me this business.  You can go into these programs knowing that you are learning from the best.

Also, you all have me to help guide you along the way.  I offer a double money back guarantee when you join either Wealthy Affiliate or Profit lance, which puts you on my priority support e-mail so you can use me to answer any questions for you when you don?t understand something.  So not only do you have the exact programs that I used to succeed with, but you have me behind you, making sure to pick you up when you fall so you can get right back at it.