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Internet Forum Marketing

The Importance Of Forums?

forum3There are so many people that do not understand just how important forums can be to your success, for so many different reasons.  There are tons of free internet marketing forums out there that you can learn all areas of internet marketing.  You can also go to the forums to ask questions any time you get lost or confused.

A question I often get is, ?Can I learn to be a successful interner marketer from forums alone??.  The answer to that question is a ?yes, but? answer.

The problem with learning internet marketing from forums alone is that you will really be jumping around a lot.  You may often not be able to get the best explanation on a forum, and it is a lot easier to get confused.  It is hard to learn internet marketing from a forum alone, but it is possible.

The best way to use forums is as your backup, to ask questions to the experienced forum users.  Use an organized learning center such as Wealthy Affiliate or Profit Lance, as they have all their information very organized and in the proper order for proper learning.

The explanations will be much more suitable for beginners (for you), you will not have to jump around from area to area (as the information is organized so you learn it in the proper order), and it is much less likely that you will get confused and give up.

If you use an organized learning center you will learn the information much quicker, you will be able to succeed much quicker (and therefore make money much quicker), and the whole process will be a lot less of a hassle.  A lot of people who try to learn internet marketing solely through forums often give up before they ever get started because they get confused.

The Importance Of Forum Marketing?

forum4Forums can also be used to make money once you establish yourself as a trusted member.  Once you are a trusted member of a forum, people trust you and will look to you for answers.  That means that when you come out with new information or products, you will easily be able to make sales and even get affiliates.  I have earned tens of thousands of dollars through forums alone.

So many people read something about how it is possible to make a lot of money by marketing on forums, yet they do it totally wrong.  You are not usually going to make a lot of money (or any money at all in some cases) by simply going into a forum and making a post about your product, whether you are trying to get sales or affiliates.

As I mentioned before, you need to establish yourself first.  If you are someone that is always helping people out, and always solving others peoples problems, they are going to jump at the chance to buy something from you to improve their skills.  Many of them will even feel they owe if to you for all the help you have provided them.

forum1I once marketed a product through a forum, where I am a well known trusted member, that was selling for $1,000 each, an informational product.  I was offering 10 spots only.  I had people BEGGING me to get to be one of the 10 buyers.  Yes, I had people begging me to send me a thousand dollars.  And that is why forum marketing can be so powerful.

One of my first really successful sites was actually do to being a respected forum member.  I launched a site\product and announced it to the forum.  I taught the people of the forum how to make money by selling my product through a specific unique method, and those people ended up making hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.  That made me jump up in the network rankings as the #1 selling product, which made me even more money.

This was actually the site that launched my internet marketing career?so that should show you just how important forum marketing actually is.  If it wasn?t for forum marketing, I may have never succeeded in internet marketing all together!

Some Forums I Recommend?

The following are some forums that I recommend you sign up for and start getting involved with.  I will give you both free and paid internet marketing forums.

A list of free forums:

1. The Warrior Forum

2. Digital Point Forum

3. IM 4 Newbies Forum

4. Black Hat World Forum

5. Wicked Fire Forum

A list of paid forums:

1. Wealthy Affiliate University Forum

2. The Rich Jerk Forum

I recommend that you get involved in at least a couple of these forums, it is very important for your success.  Remember that you SHOULD first get involved in an organized learning center, preferably the ones that I recommend in my wealth programs section.  After you have started your training, join some of the forums above, get involved, and ask questions when you don?t understand something!

I hope you enjoyed the forums and forum marketing section, and I also hope you were paying attention.  Forums will be vital to your success.