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Free Traffic Methods For Getting Visitors To Your Site? back to articles

Free Traffic Methods For Getting Visitors To Your Site?

Free Traffic Methods For Getting Visitors To Your Site…

traffic2In this section I want to cover some of the most popular ways to get FREE traffic to your web sites, blogs, lenses, hubs or whatever else you are using to host your information.  I want to mainly use this section to introduce the free traffic methods, and then I will go into much more detail of each further along in other sections of the learning center.

So what I will do is list a bunch of the best ways to get free traffic to your web sites, along with a little description of what each of those methods entails.  For each free traffic method I will give you a basic little tutorial of how to get started with that free method and how to make it work.

So my advice to you, if you are looking for free traffic methods, is to read this section and find out which free traffic methods you think will work the best for you.  I will give you enough information so that you know how to use the free method and test around with it.

If you like the method enough, you can look for it in more detail in other sections of the learning center, or you can decide to join one of my recommended wealth programs, which all go into great detail on free traffic.

The best source is Wealthy Affiliate University, because they cover any and everything and free traffic is no acception.  Profit Lance covers a ton of free traffic methods in depth too, but you just can’t compare anyone to the Wealthy AffiliatesThe Rich Jerk also gives some great free traffic methods for the low price, but does not go into nearly as much detail as the other two.  On with the free traffic methods…

Free Traffic Method #1: Article Marketing & Article Writing

article1Writing articles, known as article marketing, is probably one of the most common ways to bring free traffic to your web site.  They are quick and easy to write, and attract targeted traffic for sure.

Most people usually keep their articles between 400 to 500 words.  Some people submit them to article directories, some people submit them to single article sites, and some people do both.  I will quickly cover the benefits of both.

Submitting your article to a single article directory site is great for getting unique content out on your site.  Make sure you put a link back to your site in the author box with a hyperlink containing the keywords you want to rank for, pointing back to your site.  This will give you one nice quality back link.

Submitting your article to article directories is more used for building link popularity.  Your article is also more likely to be picked up by other people in the niche, which means even more traffic and another link.  The downfall to submitting to directories is that it is duplicate content, and some people argue that this doesn’t help you at all.

I think a good combination of both is the way to go.  Make sure you include the keywords you want to rank for in your title, and a few times in the body of the article.  There are article sites that rank very high, and a simple article can beat out many other sites for your keywords, even taking the #1 spot.  I have seen articles in the #1 spot for many keywords, it is not unusual.

The best 3 article sites, in my opinion, are the following:

  • 1. - This is the top article site. They are a PR6 and the search engines love EzineArticles.  You article will rank very high for your keywords if used correctly, and this will count as a great bank link.  It will also give you the possibility of ranking on the first page of the search engine for your keywords, bringing you some great traffic.  The downfall for them is that it is a little harder to get your articles accepted, as they review all articles.
  • 2. - This is the second best site. They are also a PR6 and have the same benefits as, except I think that they do not rank quite as well as EzineArticles.  They are close, but EzineArticles edges them.  I still like submitting articles to GoArticles to get a link from another unique site.  A plus for GoArticles is that all articles are immediately accepted, and they are not as strict with links.
  • 3. - This is the third best site. It has all of the benefits of EzineArticles and GoArticles except that they are a PR5 instead of a PR6, which will not give you as much authority as links from the other 2.  But they are still a great article site.

Some more article sites that I sometimes use, and the ones that finish off my top 10 list are:

PR (Page Rank) is definitely a very important part of an article directory site, but in my list above I also took the ease of submission into consideration, along with my personal preference for other reasons. I recommend using any and all of the above sites for submitting articles. You can never have too many articles.

So write, type and submit away, and you will definitely improve your traffic along with the authority of your site!

Free Traffic Method #2: High Ranking Sites That Allow You To Build…

high1Using high ranking sites that allow you to build pages is similar to article marketing in some very important ways.  The best of these sites out there can also rank very highly for the keywords that you are trying to rank for, as long as you use your keywords correctly.  I am talking about including them in the title, and through the body of you site.

Sometimes these sites will rank higher than articles, and sometimes they will not rank as high as articles from article directory sites.  It really all depends on the niche, backlinks, keyword density, content, and other minor aspects.

High ranking sites that allow you to build pages allow you much more freedom than an article.  You can use these sites the same way as you do articles also.  Base them around the keywords you are trying to rank for, and put links back to your site with anchor text.  These high ranking sites can be great for traffic, links, and authority.

The best of these high ranking sites are some you may have heard before:

  • 1. - Squidoo just went up to a PR8. Yes, that is a page rank of 8!  Last time I looked they were a 7, so that is definitely some good news.  With Squidoo, your “pages” are called lenses.  It is free to sign up and create lenses.  You should absolutely use Squidoo to your advantage for free traffic.

  • 2. - Hub Pages is a PR6 site. Hub Pages are not as much of an authority site as Squidoo is, but I like to create hubs also.  I recommend doing more lenses than hubs, but hubs definitely will not hurt.  Another good way to build traffic, links, and authority.

  • 3. - Tumblr is a PR7 site. Surprisingly I have never used them that much, so I need to look into them more.  At a PR7, they are obviously useful for traffic, links and authority also.

These sites should be used in combination with articles to drive traffic to your site, build links to your site, and gain authority for your site.

Free Traffic #3: Making Videos, Submitting Videos

youtube2Videos are officially huge now every in the world.  It is no different on the web, and with the addition of YouTube, the amount of videos being made is unbelievable.  People make videos on just about everything now for submission on the web.  And for good reason, everyone loves watching videos.

Did you know that YouTube is the #3 most visited site on the entire internet?  That means millions and millions of people get on YouTube each day to check out videos.  And YouTube is only one of the many high traffic video submission web sites.  The others don’t get AS much traffic as YouTube, but there are still other video submission sites that get millions of visitors a day to their sites.

This method should be pretty self explanatory.  Make video after video, and submit all of your videos to as many video submission sites as possible.  Also include your keywords for the title of the video, as this works just like articles and other high ranking sites.  I have seen YouTube videos dominate the search engines, many times taking the #1 spot, for tons of different niches.

Here is a list of some of the top video submission sites:

  • 1. - You Tube is definitely the top video submission site on the web. They are the most popular video submission site on the web, and at a PR9 they are also rank very well for the words in the title of the video.  Great traffic source.
  • 2. - Meta Cafe has been around a while, and they are a great video submission site. Definitely my #2 pick.  They are the 117 most popular web site in the world, and have a PR7.  No site will get you as much traffic as YouTube, but this one is close.
  • 3. - Daily Motion is another huge video web site. They are actually ranked higher on the traffic ranking chart than Meta Cafe at #64, but I like Meta Cafe slightly better because of the interface.  Don’t overlook this site as a traffic source though, or you will miss out!
  • 4. - Veoh is again another huge video submission web site. They have a traffic rank of 115 highest on the internet, but again I just like the other 2 better for personal preferences.  Another one not to look bye though, millions and millions of visitors also come by this site a day.
  • 5. - Blip will round off my list as my #5 video submission site. With a traffic rank of 2,502, they are a little behind the other 4 but well worth submitting to.  Don’t look over this site either.

Those 5 sites are probably the top 5 video submission sites in the world, and are the 5 that I recommend you definitely submit each of your videos to.

5 More Methods Of Free Traffic:

The 3 sections above are the top 3 ways that I like to get free traffic to my sites.  I will list some other forms of free traffic that you can use below.  Don’t think that just because I am not giving each of these free traffic methods their own section that they are not useful.  The following free traffic methods can also bring tons of traffic to your web sites.

5 More Free Traffic Methods To Consider:

  • 1. Forum marketing. Forum marketing is the process of posting to forums that are relevant to whatever niche your web site is in.  Make sure you put your link in your signature line, with your keywords as anchor text, to get backlinks to your site and gain authority.  With helpful posts to the forum, people will see you as an authority figure, and eventually visit your site.

  • 2. Free classified ads. Free classified ads are a good way to get traffic to your web site, if you use the right site.  There is only one free classified ads site that I use and that is USFreeAds.  They are a PR5, and have great authority in the search engines.  You will also get decent traffic from the actual classified visitors since USFreeAds is such a large site.

  • 3. Blogs. Man how search engines love blogs!  I recommend using Blogger, because Google owns Blogger.  So how do you think that Blogger blogs are going to rank on Google, which is the largest search engine in the world?  Blogs that get content added to them daily will quickly raise in the search engines, and you can use it as a nice PR, relevant link back to your main site.

  • 4. Web 2.0 sites. Web 2.0 sites are sites such as MySpace and Facebook.  These sites are both ranked in the top 10 traffic web sites in the world, so use them to your advantage!  Mastering these sites is a whole process in it’s own, and if you are interested you can check out Spacebankers, which is a great teacher of how to profit on both!

  • 5. Traffic exchange programs. Traffic exchange programs can bring you a good amount of traffic, but usually the traffic is not of high quality.  I don’t do traffic exchange, but some people swear by it!

Hopefully with the above traffic methods you will be able to get a good amount of traffic to your web site.  If you want to master getting free traffic and paid traffic, and every other aspect of succeeding online, I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate, there just is no substitute for what they offer!