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Landing Pages, Styles Of Landing Pages & Landing Page Success back to articles

Landing Pages, Styles Of Landing Pages & Landing Page Success

Landing Pages, Styles Of Landing Pages & Landing Page Success

What Is A Landing Page?

landingpage1I briefly described what a landing page was in the ?Internet Marketing Definitions & Terms? section of the learning center, but I am going to go into landing pages in a lot more detail here.

A landing page, also called a squeeze page, is the first page that a visitor lands on and sees when going to your web site.� Usually a landing page goes hand in hand with pay per click advertising. The landing page is the page that you put as your destination page URL when setting up your ads. As I mentioned before, a lot of people simply use their sales page as the landing page when selling informational products.

There are many different landing page options to choose from, and it is smart to test different styles of landing pages to find out which landing page you will have the most success with. There are so many different things that you can test on a landing page, that you usually want to start with testing the main headline, as that is the first thing people see.

Make sure you pay close attention to the difference in conversions when changing around your landing page. Make sure you record each landing pages success accordingly, and keep records of the first landing page to the last.

Some Different Styles Of Landing Pages?

There are quite a few different styles of landing pages that you can choose from. Which landing page will be the most successful for you depends on what you are trying to achieve. Some people are simply going for sales, some people trying to build a list, some generate leads, and some a little of everything.

I want to list 5 main different styles of landing pages?

  • 1. A review style landing page. Review style landing pages review different products in the same niche. Many people recommend reviewing 3-4 products, with the one you are pitching as your #1 product, or featured product. More than 4 products can sometimes be too much for the visitor to take in.

  • 2. An email opt-in style landing page. An email opt-in style landing page obviously is used to build an e-mail list in a certain niche. The person then directs the visitor to another landing page to now try to make a sale right away. They use the list to establish a relationship with the subscribers, share information with them, and make commissions from promoting affiliate products through emails every once in a while.

  • 3. A comparison style landing page. A comparison style landing page is just like a review style landing page, except that you want to include much more details. Do a cross product comparison, going deep into the pros and cons.

  • 4. A single product style landing page, or single offer style landing page. A single product style landing page, or single offer style landing page is focused on promoting that single offer or product.

  • 5. A testimonial style landing page. A testimonial style landing page is a landing page which includes testimonials on the product you are promoting. People will include information about the product, and then include testimonials from people who have had success with the product. Testimonials are very powerful in selling.

There is no where that offers better information on landing pages than Wealthy Affiliate University. They even provide feeder sites as landing pages, so that they are already done for you and optimized to convert very highly.

Key Things For Landing Page Success?

KeyThere are definitely things that highly effect the outcome of your landing page success. You need to take every little consideration into account when you are putting together your landing page. High conversions are everything, and obviously the higher you convert the more money you make.

As I mentioned before, make sure you start with the headline, as that is the first thing the visitor reads and sees. A headline is what keeps the visitor on your site?or makes them leave your site. There are also some other major things you need to take into account. I want to list some of the most important aspects to a successful landing page.

The 5 most important aspects of a landing page:

  • 1.Landing page headline. As I mentioned above, a couple times already, the headline is very important. It is the first thing the person reads and sees, and it will give them the impression for the rest of your page. You know what they say about first impressions, right? They are everything.

  • 2. The landing page color scheme. The colors that you choose to implement when putting together your landing page is very important. This is definitely another thing you want to test around with frequently. And pay attention to what it is you are selling. If you are selling something to elderly people, they are most likely not going to like a bunch of bright colors, as their eyes are have usually deteriorated. Keep these types of things in mind when choosing the color scheme.

  • 3. The landing pages call to actions. A call to action is when you tell the visitor to do something, such as ?click here to try? or ?check it out here? or ?check it out NOW?. Make sure you play with different call to actions, and make sure you have at least 3 call to actions. One at the beginning of the page, one in the middle of the page, and one at the end of the page. A visitor shouldn't have to LOOK through your whole page to find the visit link.

  • 4. The landing page copywriting. Copywriting is so underrated, it is basically what makes a sale or breaks a sale. I really recommend reading up on copywriting, both Wealthy Affiliate and Profit Lance go into detail for copywriting. The best copywriters will have the visitors begging them for a link to the product or offer, begging to show them where to sign up or buy.

  • 5. A nice clean and professionally designed landing page. A clean and professionally designed landing page will do wonders for your conversions. Make sure that your page is neither too long nor too short. The best landing pages usually have a headline, a few major points under the headline, and a nice big and neat sign up form close by. Then after that is a few more sub headlines with a few paragraphs of important information.

The above 5 things are probably the 5 most important things that you want to focus on when putting your landing pages together, and testing your landing pages. Play around with all 5 of these things, and keep doing this until you get better and better conversions, until the find the best converting landing page!

Some Examples Of Clean & Professional Landing Pages?

Now you never know exactly how good a landing page is until you actually start testing it, but I want to show you some examples of what I consider a good landing page. The following landing pages are clean, professional, and do exactly what they are suppose to do without being too big of a page?

landingpageex1Next landing page?

landingpageex2Next landing page?


I?m not saying the above are perfect, but I did a quick search and those were some of the best examples I found for you. Hopefully this shows you what I mean by a clean and professional landing page.

Just remember to keep testing and testing your landing pages to get the highest conversions. Take the 5 important aspects I have listed above, and play around with those first until you find out what converts the best for you! If you do this, you will be successful with landing pages!

As with most areas of internet marketing, the key to finding out what works is testing, testing, and more testing.