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What Internet Marketing Is back to articles

What Internet Marketing Is

What Internet Marketing Is

So What Exactly IS Internet Marketing?

question-markInternet Marketing is often exchanged with the term ?making money online? or ?making money on the internet?, or basically any kind of marketing or selling that you do online in order to make money. Wikipedia describes internet marketing as ?the marketing of services or products over the internet?.

A lot of people first starting out believe that in order to make money online you need to go through some lengthy process of getting a business or selling license.

This is not true?

As it is totally legal to market online as a sole proprietor without having to do any kind of licensing.

Another misconception is that people think that they have to either have their own product to sell, or they have to buy a bunch of stuff, stock it, package it, keep inventory, and ship it out. This is also very false, as most people that make money online don?t have a product of their own and they never buy, package, keep inventory, ship, or even see any of the products they sell!

So How Is This Possible?

im1I don?t want to get to into this, as I will be repeating a lot of the information I have already discussed in other parts of the learning center (like sections on ?affiliate marketing?, ?benefits of internet marketing?, etc.). But I will go over this real quickly for you.

The reason that most people that make money on the internet do not even have their own product, is because

They sell other people products for a commission! Known as ?affiliate marketing??

Technology allows us to be able to sell pretty much any product you can think of without having to own a product of our own (or buy or stock physical products, which I will touch on shortly).

A LOT of products that are sold online are actually informational products, or ?e-books?. An e-book is a set of information written in a word document, and often converted to ?.pdf? format. Believe it or not,

Anyone can write and sell an e-book on any subject they please!

There are e-books on topics from ?How To Get Your Ex Back? to ?Discus Fish Secrets? to ?Dog Training Guides? to video game guides.

The owner of these e-books offer an affiliate program, which allows people to promote their product through a special link called an affiliate link?

Whenever someone buys the product the seller is promoting through their affiliate link, that buyer gets a commission on the sale. Commissions for e-books usually range from 25% to 75% of each sale!

The selling of information is absolutely HUGE. The largest informational product market place is called Clickbank, and

They host over 10,000 e-books!

That?s over 10,000 different e-books that anyone can sell. It is totally free to sign up to Clickbank, and all of the other affiliate networks (I will be listing tons of them in another section of the learning center).

So you are probably wondering about physical products now?

That?s Great, But What About Selling Physical Products?

im2Selling physical products is a lot different than selling information products. Physical products all have the same affiliate process, where you get a special link (affiliate link) and when someone purchases you make a percentage of the sale.

But for physical products the commission is usually a lot lower, I would say an average of somewhere around 5% commission. But that is a very vague estimate, as commission depends on price, quantity sold, and many other factors.

I mentioned earlier that when most people think of selling physical products, they think of buying in bulk, stocking, taking inventory, packaging and shipping the items. But again

With our advancement in technology, this is no longer needed?

There is a method of selling products called ?drop shipping? (you can check out my drop shipping reviews section also). With drop shipping, you never have to buy, stock, take inventory, package, ship or ever even see any of the products you sell.

The products are shipped directly to the buyers from the suppliers?

so the only work that you have to do is the selling! Many of the sellers you see on e-Bay (the super sellers) are often using drop shipping. This is a great method of selling physical products for both us and the product company, because it is a win-win situation!