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History of Internet Marketing? back to articles

History of Internet Marketing?

Quick History of Internet Marketing…

One of the most important milestones in the human history is the invention of the computer all the way back 50 some years ago in the 1960’s.  Of course without the invention of the computer, the operating system of the internet, there would be no internet!

Some important “inventions” leading up to the internet include:

  • Bob Kahn developing the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) commonly known as internet protocol.

  • Europe’s foundation of IT inventions including the IP address and hyper text links - which developed the concept of “World Wide Web” (WWW).

  • Of course the early 1990’s in which the world was waking with WWW and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) servers.

internet1Internet marketing was essentially born in the mid 1990’s.  And what a boom it was!

In 1994 the advertising dollars spent on the internet was a whopping ZERO dollars.  Just two short years later, that number jumped substantially to just over $300,000,000.00! Yes, that is 3 HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.  And remember, were are talking about one of the first years of internet marketing here.

Just a year after 1996, in 1997, the advertising numbers spent online jumped up $700,000,000.00, to a whopping $1,000,000,000.00 (1 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR).

The number of internet users was growing at an unbelievable rate, and in the late 1990’s more and more business started to notice the potential to start making money online.  Business all over the world were gearing up to reach this new massive audience, continually growing at an alarming pace.

internet2In the early years, Yahoo! was one of the few internet-based firms that was actually seeing profits from online advertising.  Of course this would change in the years to come, as many more businesses would start joining the mix.

Websites came more and more complex over time, going from simple text sites to adding pictures, videos, movies,  and advanced code like java.  Today’s websites are nothing like they were in the 90’s, which is one of the many reasons that internet marketing is becoming so much more competitive.

You now need a semi-advanced clean  and somewhat professional looking website to even compete with all of the new marketers out there.

Now we have added in the search engine optimization techniques and other factors for ranking in the search engines organically.  We have added massive amounts of paid traffic techniques and advertisers.  We have added articles, blogs, lenses, hubs, and tons of other forms of marketing that makes internet marketing become even  more competitive.

It is pretty amazing to think that just 10 years ago internet marketing was barely afloat!  Now it is one of the most sought after methods of making income in the world! Everyone wants to be able to sit at their computer, and make a living from the comfort of their own home.  But who can blame them!