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Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: What It Is, How It Works

Affiliate Marketing…

affiliate1In this section I will be talking about affiliate marketing.  What it is, how it works, why it is important, and anything  else that will help you on your journey to making money on the internet.  This is a very important area of internet marketing!

Affiliate Marketing, in my definition, is the selling of other people’s products for a commission of each sale. This is done through a unique link, called an affiliate link.  Each different product you sell will have a different unique affiliate link, especially designed for you to track sales and traffic.

The Basic Affiliate Marketing Process As Seen Above:

  • Customer visits affiliate web site

  • Affiliate directs customer to Product\The Seller

  • Affiliate Is Compensated

There are all kinds of different products that you can sell as an affiliate, from informational products to physical products.  Flat screen TVs to informational e-books on discuss fish.  Recently, there has been a huge boom in the selling of informational products.

An informational product is basically an e-book on a certain subject.  Information on that subject is written into a word document, and then that word document is usually converted to .pdf format and distributed as a product, as an e-book.

The biggest affiliate marketing network for informational products, which I talk about in great detail another section of the learning center, is called Clickbank.  It is totally free to sign up for an account, and they have over 10,000 different informational products that you can choose from to promote.  A lot of them offer up to 75% commissions!

You can go ahead on over there by clicking the link above.  I recommend you create an account, browse around a little bit, and get familiar with them, as you will be most likely using them a lot as an affiliate marketer.

So…An Affiliate Link…

As I mentioned above, for each product you promote you will be given a unique affiliate link.  I want to show you exactly how this works, and I am going to be using Clickbank as an example.  So if you have not signed up for them yet, I recommend you do so, so that you can follow right along with my example!

Ok, you should be all signed up (for free).  Make sure you are signed in, and click on the “marketplace” link at the top of the screen.  You will now see a screen where you can search the market place like the one shown below.


Now, lets pick something that we want to promote.  Lets say that we want to promote some sort of dog product.  So we type dog into the search box and then we click the “Go” box.  Now we would pick the specific product we want to promote.  For this example, lets choose “Secrets To Dog Training”, known as “Kingdom Of Pets” - it is the #1 result (for me at least, by the time you read this it may not still be #1).  It is shown below:


If you click on the headline “Secrets To Dog Training” (which I have circled), it will take you to the products web site, so that you can make sure you like the web site (as it is the product you will be promoting).  Looks good, so lets promote it.  Click the “create hoplink” link.  This is how you create your affiliate link.  Window that shows is below:


What you do is type the clickbank name you signed up with in the “Clickbank Nickname” box.  If you want to ad tracking, you can enter anything you want into the tracking section.

Note: Tracking will be explained later, but it is used to know where your sales are coming from.  If you have 2 different sites, you could put site1 as your tracker for the first link, and then site2 as your tracker for the second link.  You then know which site makes which sale, which is very important!  Moving on…

Ok, now we click “Create”.

A message will come up reminding you of how much you much, and also you will be given your unique affiliate link.  It will look something like this:

Of course your account nickname would be in place of NICKNAME above.  This is the exact link you use to sell this product, and any other product on Clickbank.  There are tons of other affiliate networks (that I talk about more in depth in another section) - and the process is similar to the one above for getting your affiliate link for unique products.

As you can see above (as I have circled in the picture) - you can earn up to $68 per sale for this product!  That sure does add up!

And now you should have a good understanding of how affiliate marketing works.  But you don’t yet know how to be successful with affiliate marketing, which is the harder part.

There are all kinds of different ways to execute affiliate marketing to make money online, which I cover in other parts of my learning center.  The point of this section was to get you to understand how it is possible to make money with affiliate marketing, and how the process works…again, NOT yet how to succeed with affiliate marketing, that comes later.

Learn to crawl before you walk, don’t rush the process…

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to be able to build web sites, blogs, or social networking sites; and the more important part of driving people to your web site (or other form of information display) - which is referred to as “traffic”.  This is something I will definitely be covering later.

But the a very basic 3 step model of affiliate marketing is:

  • 1) Build web site

  • 2) Fill web site with information, insert affiliate links

  • 3) Drive traffic to web site