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Aids for Formulating, Administering & Documenting Employee Discipline

No matter how careful you are when you hire new employees, chances are that, at some point, you will have to respond to unacceptable types of conduct on the job. The attached file contains six documents designed to help you in that sometimes uncomfortable situation.

The first document is a sample progressive discipline policy that lists specific offenses - and penalties - according to seriousness. The second is a checklist of steps to take when you have to confront and discipline an employee. The third is a checklist of all the information you need to include in documenting a discipline session. The fourth document is a sample progressive discipline policy that you can edit to suit your needs. The fifth and sixth documents are sample forms to use in the administration of your progressive discipline policy when giving verbal and written warnings. Good recordkeeping is vital to establishing that you have fairly administered your policies and not unfairly singled out any group or individual. It also helps you track an employee's progress, or lack of it, in response to your efforts.

The employee discipline documents include the following special features:

Sample Progressive Discipline Policy:

  • Clearly sets forth the general policy on the rules of good employee behavior and conduct.
  • Classifies employee misconduct - and explains the accompanying progression of discipline - on the basis of seriousness from a simple oral warning all the way to termination. Suggests 14 less serious types of behavior subject to oral or written reprimand and 12 serious types of behavior subject to immediate suspension or termination.
  • Contains separate sections on probation, suspension, and discharge.

Progressive Discipline Checklist:

  • Lists the things you should consider and steps you should take before, during, and after a disciplinary meeting with an employee.

Progressive Discipline Documentation Checklist:

  • Includes all the information you need to properly document a verbal warning and a written warning.

Sample Verbal and Written Warning Forms:

  • Can be completed on the computer or by hand.
  • Structured so that a copy can be shared with the employee and also put in the personnel file.

Download in RTF Format (26,280 Bytes)

The file contains a 12-page document in rich text format (RTF) that is suitable for use with most word processing programs used in the Windows environment.