Compensable Work Chart: What Time Employees Must Be Paid For

The attached document contains a chart to help you determine what kinds of work you have to pay your employees for. It's especially important to know what kinds of time and work are considered compensable if you have employees who come and go from one site to another or if you have employees who must sometimes wait for work to come from other sources. You may not always have to pay employees for waiting for work to come to them or for time spent washing up, waiting in line for checks, etc. To get the most for your payroll dollar and to make sure you're not paying employees for time that is technically not compensable, consult this detailed chart.

Included are the following:

  • Handy lists to help you determine which kinds of time you need to pay employees for and which kinds of time can be excluded from pay.
  • Separate lists for duties and activities: one for activities that occur during work hours and one for activities that occur before, after, or in between work hours.

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