Customer Service Action Form

The attached file contains a simple, easy-to-use form designed to aid in the quick resolution of customer service problems. It will help prevent customer problems from falling through the cracks, provide for an orderly hand-off to someone who can address the matter, and help you establish fool-proof procedures that ensure prompt action is taken when a customer is unhappy with the products or services received. You can quickly customize the form to reflect the work flow of your company.

The customer service action form and instructions feature the following:

  • Easy-to-fill out format, including separate fields for description of the problem, action taken, recommended next steps, and routing.
  • Suggestions for incorporating the form into the normal workflow as an integral part of your business's efforts to satisfy customers.
  • Quickly customizable to reflect your company's products, services, and work flow.

Download in RTF Format (10,278 Bytes)

The file contains a two-page document - a one-page action form and one page of instructions and suggestions on how to use the form. The form is formatted as a table in Microsoft Word 6.0, so you need Microsoft Word version 6.0 or above, or other word processing software compatible with Word documents to use this form.